Ari Melber's Terrifying 'Torture Segment' Exposes Gina Haspel's Unfitness To Run CIA


Ari Melber covered a topic that would be getting national attention, were it not for the frenetic 24/7 news cycle coming out of the Trump administration.

Just after Mike Pompeo stepped down from CIA, Trump declared that he was promoting Gina Haspel to run the CIA, touting her as a great choice. Well, many Americans have a different opinion. Both Democrats and Republicans have reservations leading back to Haspel's past history as the person who had oversight over a CIA "black site" in Thailand. While an open investigation into torture was underway, evidence was destroyed. Haspel claims to not have given the order for tapes to be destroyed, though.

Ari Melber discussed this in an extensive segment on his nightly show, The Beat, on Tuesday night. It was hard hitting, deep dive into what Haspel's confirmation could mean for our country, as well as how we would be viewed by the world.

Here is a bit of what Ari had to say:

Even hardened CIA officials were reduced to tears after seeing what was done at the base that Haspel ran and claiming that "torture is not torture, it was enhanced interrogation". There was even a conservative radio host who famously touted a plan to undergo waterboarding, to say that it wasn't torture, and that didn't go as planned when he lasted about 10 seconds.

Barack Obama ran against torture in 2008, he reissued the bans against the techniques that bush used on his first day in office.

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