The World’s Largest Single-Domed Tropical Greenhouse Is Coming to France

Photo of The World’s Largest Single-Domed Tropical Greenhouse Is Coming to France

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French design firm Coldefy & Associates has revealed plans for the world’s largest tropical greenhouse under one roof, dubbed “Tropicalia,” reports, Inhabitat.

Situated in Pas-de-Calais, France, the design comprised of a large single dome will cover an area of 215,000 square feet, featuring a tropical forest filled with exotic flowers, birds, a turtle beach, a pool for Amazonian fish, waterfalls, and many other aspects. In addition, a one-kilometer-long walking trail, disconnected from the world outside, will be implemented, which will allow guests to take in views of the animals, flowers and its overall natural green habitat.

Also planning to team up with French energy company Dalkia, this greenhouse project aims to impress in both size and energy consumption. “Tropicalia was imagined by Coldefy as a ‘bubble of harmony’ perfectly integrated with the local environment, endowed with a new innovation: the project is autonomous – energy producer by the use of a double dome creating a air chamber heated by a greenhouse effect,” explained the architects.

The dome will reportedly boast a double-insulated glass composition that will be constructed of structural steel and ETFE plastic, and it will be partly embedded into the earth to take advantage of natural insulation and ensure a stable 79-degree indoor environment year-round.

“Tropicalia” is due to begin construction in 2019, with a planned opening in 2021.

For additional details, be sure to read the full story on Inhabitat.

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