Samsung Will Add AI-Powered Audioburst Into Smart TVs


Samsung will be adding the AI-powered Audioburst technology into its smart TVs following the announcement of a new partnership from earlier this morning. For those unfamiliar, Audioburst is a search engine solution for audio that is backed by artificial intelligence, and it creates a “listening identity” for users and aims to continue feeding you the right information based on previous listening preferences.

Though Samsung will be adding Audioburst into its smart TVs this year TVs won’t be the only products where it will utilize the technology. Audioburst states that its tech will be added to “millions of Samsung products across the globe” though it doesn’t mention any other product types, so it could be in anything from other connected appliances and consumer electronics to Samsung mobile devices. As for the TVs it’s not clear which models will include this technology or if it can be added to existing or future TVs with a software update, but when it does land it’ll bring a new way for people to search for and consume audio content.

With Audioburst, Samsung smart TV owners will be able to interact with the TV through voice-activated commands to gather anything and everything from news to weather information, pulling those details from news sites, podcasts, radio stations and more. Audio content is also pulled from these sources on a daily basis so any information that users get while interacting with it and asking it questions is sure to be fresh and topical, and this should also be helpful for anyone who plans to use the technology on a daily basis to check the weather, though there are plenty of other ways to get the latest forecast news too like asking Google or checking your phone in any number of places. Though no other types of products have been mentioned at this time, more devices will eventually come with the function built-in, it’s just a matter of when.

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