Xiaomi Unveils Mi AI Speaker Mini & New Mi Wireless Charger

Photo of Xiaomi Unveils Mi AI Speaker Mini & New Mi Wireless Charger

Xiaomi on Tuesday announced its most powerful Android smartphone to date in the form of the Mi Mix 2S but also accompanied its flagship launch with the introduction of several other products, including the new Mi Wireless Charger and the Mi AI Speaker Mini. The former is compatible with the newly unveiled handset and offers 7.5W fast wireless charging based on the Qi standard that’s compatible with a wide variety of contemporary mobile devices. The product boasts a relatively conventional pad-like design and only the gray color variant has been confirmed by Xiaomi so far. The Mi Wireless Charger is set to be priced at 99 yuan, or approximately $15, Xiaomi confirmed. Much like the Mi Mix 2S and other new devices from the Chinese original equipment manufacturer, the pad will start retailing next month. Outside of the firm’s home country, consumers will likely be able to purchase the wireless charger through international resellers like GearBest, though Xiaomi is also expected to officially launch the offering in India and a number of other markets.

The new Mi AI Speaker Mini is meant to succeed the original Mi AI Speaker Xiaomi introduced last summer, with the gadget’s main selling point being its vast content library that provides users with access to more than 35 million songs and books. The speaker features a fully conversational artificial intelligence-powered interface and can integrate with a wide variety of smart home products, though it’s exclusively targeted at consumers in the Far Eastern country. No official pricing details have yet been attached to the device but the newly announced offering is unlikely to be more expensive than its predecessor which launched at the equivalent of $45 eight months ago, though it remains to be seen whether the firm ultimately ends up offering more color options other than the already revealed white one.

Much like the Mi Wireless Charger meant to accompany Xiaomi’s first Qi-enabled Android smartphone, the Mi AI Speaker Mini is set to go on sale next month. Xiaomi’s latest set of announcements also included the new Mi Gaming Laptop boasting a 15.6-inch screen, NVIDIA’s Geoforce GTX 1060, and Intel’s seventh-generation i7 processor series, as well as a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD.

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