Pollak: Five Lies About the Student ‘Walkout’ for Gun Control

Photo of Pollak: Five Lies About the Student ‘Walkout’ for Gun Control

Students participate in a rally with other students from from DC, Maryland and Virginia during a rally in their Solidarity Walk-Out to urge Republican leaders in Congress 'to allow votes on gun violence prevention legislation' on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on March 14, 2018. Students across the US walked out of classes on March 14, in a nationwide call for action against gun violence following the shooting deaths last month at a Florida high school. The nationwide protest is being held one month to the day after Nikolas Cruz, a troubled 19-year-old former student at Stoneman Douglas, unleashed a hail of gunfire on his former classmates. / AFP PHOTO / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

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