9 details you may have missed on Sunday's 'The Walking Dead'


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Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Sunday's episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead," "Dead or Alive or."

Sunday's "The Walking Dead" was crammed with enough cast members that you may need to go back and watch it again.

After two weeks of centering heavily around Carl's death, we got more Daryl, Morgan, and Maggie. Sunday's episode also delivered one big moment from the comics that fans have been waiting to see with Savior leader Negan.

Keep reading to see all of the callbacks and references to the comics you may have missed.

The title of the episode is "Dead or Alive or."

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If you knew that going into the episode, you were probably left wondering what the third choice was in that scenario.

We found out at the very end of Sunday's episode.

Negan's final line of dialogue on Sunday's episode referenced the title and cleared up any confusion.

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"The Hilltop is going to learn to toe the line one way or another. Dead or Alive. Or some kind of sh-- in between," Negan told his Saviors.

Negan comes up with a grand scheme to deal with Rick's group at the Hilltop.

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Let's talk about that plan of Negan's. He gathers the Saviors to show them their next plan of attack in the war against Rick.

"Y'all know how it works. You get a bite, some kind of wound from one of these things, something from them gets in you, and you die," Negan tells his group. "You join the club, which sucks. What if we could use that to our advantage?"

Negan then bashes up one of the undead and starts getting walker guts on his weapon.

"You see how Lucille is getting to know our beautiful, cold friend here? That's it. Look at that. No more smashing and bashing with this. With this, it could just be a touch or a big, wet kiss," Negan says. "Either way, this gets you full membership and that's what we want. We want people to join the club. The Hilltop is going to learn to toe the line one way or another. Dead or Alive. Or some kind of sh-- in between."

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