Factional warring and failed 'coups' may be the reason why Xi Jinping wants to rule China forever


  • China's decision to scrap presidential term limits on Sunday may have been motivated by President Xi Jinping's fear of a powerful faction within the Communist Party.
  • The party is split largely into two coalitions, and the elite Jiang faction has been in a "life-and-death" contest with Xi.
  • Jiang members were blamed for planning coups and have been a target of Xi's corruption crackdown.
  • While coups seem unlikely, Xi has attempted to marginalize Jiang leaders and consolidate his own power, culminating in the removal of term limits.

China's legislature officially abolished presidential term limits on Sunday, a move that may have been driven by President Xi Jinping's fears of factional warring and even failed coups inside the Communist Party.

Despite being a one-party state, China's Communist Party is largely split into two factions. The first is a populist coalition, and the second which is named after former president Jiang Zemin is considered elitist and comprised of 'princelings', leaders who themselves come from families of high-ranking officials.

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