Former Obama Advisor On Trump's N. Korea Meeting: 'This Isn't A Reality Show'

Photo of Former Obama Advisor On Trump's N. Korea Meeting: 'This Isn't A Reality Show'

Sorry Ben Rhodes, but everything is a reality show to this so-called president:

A former adviser to President Obama on Sunday advised the Trump administration to let diplomats handle ongoing negotiations with North Korea, comparing the delicate foreign policy involved unfavorably to Trump's previous business ventures.

"This is not a real estate deal or a reality show. When you're in a negotiation as complex as a North Korean nuclear program, and a situation that is volatile as the Korean peninsula, you need diplomats," Ben Rhodes told ABC's Jonathan Karl on "This Week."

"Don't hollow out the State Department. They have no ambassador to Seoul. The person who was in charge of North Korean negotiations just left the State Department," he continued.

The White House announced on Thursday that the president would accept an invitation to meet face-to-face with Kim, a historic first for a sitting U.S. president. South Korean officials said that North Korea was willing to cease its missile testing while talks with the U.S. are ongoing.

Rhodes said that while he has concerns about the way the Trump administration has handled the situation with North Korea, he and former President Obama are both hoping diplomacy succeeds in resolving tension between Washington and Pyongyang.

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