The $375 'Inside' special edition features a RealDoll 'creation'

Photo of The $375 'Inside' special edition features a RealDoll 'creation'

Iam8bit, purveyors of gaming soundtracks on vinyl and other cool tchockes, is teaming up with RealDoll and developer Playdead for its next project. Details for the Inside special edition are scarce, but it'll include a PlayStation 4 disc with the game, and Steam codes for Inside and Limbo. Oh, and it'll cost $375. From the pre-order page: "Iam8bit x Playdead x RealDoll are collaborating on a mysterious collector's edition for Inside. We will NOT tell you what it is. Maybe it's what you're thinking... maybe not. We can confirm that there are several items included, one of which is a PlayStation 4 game disc. The rest is up for speculation."

Source: iam8bit

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