Oscars 2018 Red Carpet Photos: Must-See Hottest Pictures

Photo of Oscars 2018 Red Carpet Photos: Must-See Hottest Pictures

The 90th annual Academy Awards is finally here! Super hot female celebrities are already flocking to the Oscars’ red carpet to show off their magnificent outfits and new, breath-taking looks. Seriously, there should be awards for best dressed. Or is that a job for The Fashion Police?

So many actresses look amazing tonight as they wait in anticipation for the grandest award show in all of film. And if you didn’t already notice, I haven’t seen that many black dresses on the carpet, showing solidarity to the #MeToo Movement. However, Me Too founder and activist Tarana Burke has said that she doesn’t mind if the stars aren’t draped in black on the red carpet because “the movement isn’t a gimmick.”

So far, a very popular dress color is white, a stark contrast to the “blackout” at the Golden Globe Awards this past January. Whoops, spoke too soon. Portuguese actress Raquel Strada is killing the competition on the red carpet with an extravagant black dress wrapped around her thin figure…

Some stars who aren’t A-list will surely look to get noticed tonight on the red carpet. For example, this Buzzfeed video producer Michelle Khare will certainly turn heads and get noticed in this jaw-dropping red dress. Like Buzzfeed or not, you got to admit that Khare is looking hot!

Speaking of looking hot in a red dress, 58-year-old Allison Janney appears to be defying any decay of age, as she puts women half her age to shame in that sexy scarlet outfit. See for yourself, folks…

And speaking of wearing black to show solidarity with the #MeToo Movement, you should check out singer Miguel and his smoking hot girlfriend and model Nazanin Mandi. Both look great in black, but hats off to Ms. Mandi who is simply killing it in that dress!

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