Dan Flavin Lights Up New York With “in daylight or cool white” Exhibit

Photo of Dan Flavin Lights Up New York With “in daylight or cool white” Exhibit

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After setting up shop in Louis Vuitton’s Omotesando store in Japan, Dan Flavin opens a new exhibition at David Zwirner‘s contemporary art gallery in New York.

Titled, “in daylight or cool white” the artist uses different variations of fluorescent white light that made him famous since his work from the 1960s. The title refers to Flavin’s seminal text “‘… in daylight or cool white.’ an autobiographical sketch,” first published in the December 1965 issue of Artforum.

Throughout his career, Flavin experimented with the subtly chromatic and perceptual possibilities by using commercially available variations of “white” fluorescent light (cool white, daylight, warm white, and soft white).

This exhibition presents works from this pivotal first decade of his experimentations with commercially produced lamps. Throughout the space minimal fluorescent light is distilled showing off a varied and nuanced feel creating installations of light and color.

Take an inside look at the Flavin’s “in daylight or cool white” in the gallery above.

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