Test Your Knowledge of Migos’ ‘Culture II’ Ad-Libs With This Game

Photo of Test Your Knowledge of Migos’ ‘Culture II’ Ad-Libs With This Game

Migos’ ad-libs have taken on a life of their own in the hip-hop community, quickly reaching meme-status. Now fans can test how familiar they are with the trio’s new album, Culture II, by playing a Migos-themed game on this website.

Both the website and the game were developed by Niko Draca and Alex Marttinnen. While playing the game, all of the lyrics from Culture II are positioned on the screen and players are prompted to finish a specific rap line by dragging the fitting ad-lib over to it.

Speaking with Complex, Draca said “The album had just come out and we thought it would be an interesting exploration. We ran a couple scripts and found out that over 70 percent of the lines on the album had at least one ad-lib and were curious to see what else we could come up with.”

On the inspiration behind the project, Draca said that Migos are extremely relevant in the hip-hop industry today adding, “I fully credit the Migos with popularizing ‘ad-lib rap.’ It’s undeniable that this is the current state of rap music. When there are major shifts in pop culture like this one, it’s always interesting to dig deeper.”

Play the game via the button below and see if your Migos ad-lib game stacks up against your friends.

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