Researchers prove that money does indeed buy happiness

Photo of Researchers prove that money does indeed buy happiness
money buys happiness

You've no doubt heard the old saying "money can't buy happiness" at least a few times over the years, but new research suggests that it's simply not true. As it turns out, money can indeed make a person happy, but exactly how much is needed to maximize the average person's mood varies significantly from country to country. The research, which was led by Andrew Jebb of Purdue University and published in Nature Human Behavior, lands at a dollar figure that is quite a bit lower than you might be expecting.

Using a collection of survey responses from over 1.7 million people spanning 164 countries, the research focuses on the amount of income needed for both emotional well-being and "life evaluation," which is essentially overall satisfaction with life. Surprisingly, it's not even close to the million dollar figure you're dreaming of.

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