Here’s a Look at What’s Inside Apple HomePod


Apple’s HomePod made its official launch on February 9, and while reviews of this advanced speaker system have already been positive, YouTube channel What’s Inside?, ran by father and son duo consisting of Dan and Lincoln Markham, present their signature review of the HomePod, as they’re renowned for cutting various things open and seeing what’s inside in a family friendly manner.

In the 11-minute video above, the two showcase just what the overall composition of the speaker is made of, as well as its durability. First cutting off the speaker’s outer mesh layer, the HomePod boasts a rugged structure as their test with a small hatchet fails to cut it open, as using a mini electric saw finally enabled entrance into the speaker’s contents from the top, revealing the subwoofer and through its mid-section that displays the chipboard, various wiring and other small objects that makes up the system.

Essentially a cool perspective to see of how it was all made, enjoy the informative clip as the new Apple HomePod retails for $349 USD, and available now via Apple‘s online store and most retail locations in white and “Space Grey.”

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