Samsung Experience 9.0 ditches horribly designed Emojis

Photo of Samsung Experience 9.0 ditches horribly designed Emojis


  • Samsung Experience 9.0 alters the design of some Emojis.
  • Previous versions of Samsung Experience had confusing Emoji designs that, in some cases, caused the Emojis to lose all meaning.
  • You will finally be able to see cookies instead of saltines when someone uses the cookie Emoji. Life makes sense again.

While the design of Samsung Experience is light years ahead of the original TouchWiz, one area of contention remained all the way up to Samsung Experience 8.5: some Emojis are so badly designed that they don’t even mean what they should anymore. Here’s an example of how the cartoon-like design of the “rolling eyes” Emoji loses all meaning when viewed through the lens of Samsung Experience:


If someone sent me the 8.5 version of that Emoji, I would think it was an “I saw something to the right that I thought was awesome, and I looked over there and smiled” Emoji. So the texter would intend to roll their eyes at another one of my snarky jokes, and instead, I’m asking, “Whatcha looking at?”

Luckily, the latest version of Samsung Experience (9.0) ditches a lot of the confusing design choices in its Emojis. What other horrible lapses in judgment had Samsung previously made in their Emojis? Feast your eyes on the terror:

Samsung will also be ditching the tilt it gave some Emojis:


Finally, Samsung is fixing its biggest Emoji mistake yet — the cookie Emoji.


That’s right, the company has finally realized that cookies are not saltines! Can you imagine someone texting, “Baking

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