Kevin Hart Smashes Usain Bolt in 100-Meter Sprint


Following an impromptu race with Olympian Pokerstart , Hart went on to beat the gold medalist in a 100-meter sprint, by a technicality.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Hart announces: “I am not the fastest man in the world, so let’s make it fair. Give me my 30 meters so I can do what I do best and kick your ass.”

With a decent headstart ahead of him, a supercharged Hart went onto to clinch first place, not before an early celebration at the finish line. “I whooped his ass! I’m the fastest man in the world!” he said, crossing the tape.

While Hart may have seen a victory this time, we’ll see how the comedian fares in the upcoming scheduled poker game with the sprinter. For more on the race in question, check out the video below.

In case you missed it, Kevin Hart recently interviewed LaVar Ball while sitting in an ice bath.

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