Snapchat Rolled Out a Redesign & Users Are Not Happy

Photo of Snapchat Rolled Out a Redesign & Users Are Not Happy

Snapchat’s design has been pretty much a constant since it launched back in 2011, but its latest update changed all of that and left a lot of users really pissed.

The redesign sees the app split into two sections: friend content on the left and media content on the right, with the camera screen remaining in the middle.

A large majority of the app’s users – many of which are in the teen and young twenty-something demographic – claimed the sudden overhaul left them confused and resulted in a loss of streaks. And anyone that knows anything about Snapchat should know that streaks are not to be messed with.

For those that don’t know: a streak occurs when users send snaps to each other consecutively for at least three days. Once a streak is started a little flame appears next to the contact’s name with a counter as to how many days the streak is active. The higher the better of course.

The outrage at the update was so fierce that a fake tweet (below) promising to revert all changes got over 1.3 million retweets.

A lot of users took to other social media platforms to voice their dissatisfaction with Snapchat. We’ve rounded up the best reactions below.

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