Photos: What this year’s Oscar nominees wear to lunch

Photo of Photos: What this year’s Oscar nominees wear to lunch

Most of this year’s 205 Oscar nominees showed up for the annual pre-show luncheon Monday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

The luncheon is typically a relaxed affair that allows nominees a chance to mingle and congratulate their colleagues and hear from producers about how to deliver memorable acceptance speeches.

Among those you may not realize was a nominee: Kobe Bryant. “Dear Basketball,” nominated for best animated short, is based on Bryant’s public retirement letter.

Another basketball connection was the black eye sported by musician and producer Common. He donned a pair of glasses in hopes of hiding the bruise that he said resulted from a run-in on the basketball court.

Common is nominated for a best original song with Diane Warren for “Stand Up for Something” from the film “Marshall.”

The Academy Awards show is a month away, on March 4.


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