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Photo of Wealth inequality was behind Brexit vote | Letters
Mark Birkett says Brexit is Britain’s ideal opportunity to reset its relationship with capitalism; Michael Heaton delves into Corbyn’s antipathy towards the EU; Patrick Cosgrove likens Jacob Rees-Mogg to Donald Trump

The Guardian persistently fails to understand the core reason for the Brexit vote (This leaked Brexit memo means Labour must make a choice, 30 January); it was never all about immigration; it was always about wealth inequality. That’s it. People who are well off don’t care a hoot where someone is from or the colour of their skin. So, instead of your writers endlessly worrying about Labour’s admittedly equally split take on the issue, can I suggest they take a wider and longer term view of what Labour should be doing?

Brexit is Britain’s ideal opportunity to completely reset its relationship with capitalism, and lead the world while doing it. You don’t have to be some manic red-under-the-bed to see that capitalism has run its natural course. Growth and consumerism as we know it is over. Why? Because the planet simply won’t support it. And the EU is irredeemably capitalist in outlook. So it is not up to Labour to wriggle around Brexit like the Tories do – as if this were some square-peg-in-a-round-hole problem; it is up to Labour to correctly identify the long-term goal of weaning everyone away from the capitalist mindset and to work on positive and statesmanlike manifesto pledges based on a climate-sustainable, cooperative-based and (where possible) equal-pay-for-all economy. And it is surely up to the Guardian to at least voice these ideas. Absolutely no one else is.
Mark Birkett
Rochdale, Lancashire

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