Japan has a New, Outrageously Large Mecha Robot


It’s not exactly as high-tech as Bumblebee or Gypsy Danger, but I can argue that LW-Mononofu is the best robot of the three because he’s actually a real thing. The 27.8-foot giant mech robot is the handiwork of Japan’s Sakakibara Machinery Works Co., the same company that gave us the Landwalker from 2005 and the $20,000 Kids Walker Cyclops from 2013. Known for its mech wizardry, Sakakibara spent the past six years developing LW-Mononofu, and now that it’s actually built, it looks about as cool as you’d expect it to be.

by sakakibarakikai
"Best of all, LW-Mononofu is actually available for rent"

In addition to measuring 27.8 feet high, LW-Mononofu also weighs 16,314 pounds. It’s not exactly a lightweight, is it? Then again, an argument can be made that the bigger the mecha is, the more awesome it is too. LW-Mononofu definitely fits the bill. It’s also not just a massive robot that stands on its feet the whole time. It can be controlled by a pilot through a cockpit located behind its chest plate. The cockpit houses all of the mecha’s controls, including levers to move it forward, backward, and twist its hips in both directions. It can also raise its hands, play with its fingers, and as the video shows, point its gun towards the direction of evil baddies.

Best of all, LW-Mononofu is actually available for rent. The company didn’t say what the rates are, but can you imagine going to your wedding on a 28-foot mecha robot? With apologies to every luxury car, supercar, or hypercar in the world today, I’d trade all of you as wedding cars if it means I get to ride LW-Mononofu to the ceremony.

Don’t take my word for it. Take yours. Something tells me you’d make the same decision if the opportunity presented itself.


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