An 18-Year-Old Was Shot in the Head by Police During Courtroom Brawl

Photo of An 18-Year-Old Was Shot in the Head by Police During Courtroom Brawl

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A young man is in the hospital after being shot in the head at a Quebec courthouse.

According to reports, the 18-year-old man was shot around 1 PM in a courthouse in Maniwaki—a small town about 186 miles north of Montreal.

In a press release, Quebec’s independent investigations bureau (BEI) said they are investigating the incident. The agency states that the young man got his hands on a “special constable’s” baton, and allegedly hit him over the head with it. This is when the officer took his gun and shot the young man in the head.

A video first published to Facebook shows both the fight and the shooting. Warning, the below video is graphic.

The video shows the two scuffling as onlookers, including other guards, look on. While the officer has the young man in a headlock you can hear viewers say “that’s abuse of force, man.” Two other men come in and push the man through a door. From there, the two men disappear but yelling and a loud thump can be heard.

It’s hard to tell what happens next. The young man has moved through the door and isn’t visible when a shot rings out. The video goes erratic and the screaming of numerous people can be heard.

The man who filmed and posted the video said that the young man who was shot is now in stable condition. “He was touched close to the eye... but he's going to be fine,” he wrote in French. However, the BEI press release states that the condition of both the officer and the young man is unknown.

Both the man shot and the shooter were transported to the hospital.

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