These Are the Artists Whose 2018 Albums We Need the Most


January has come and gone and tbh, we haven’t really been blessed with any 2018 albums that have really captivated us (aside from CupcakKe, you go girl). Perhaps it’s because we received such a divine dump of new music on what seemed like a weekly basis last year, or perhaps everyone’s taking a collective nap this month, but we’re thinking less of what’s around us and what we have on the horizon.

And though it may be a bit unorthodox to push out a mini-2018 albums preview a full month into the new year, we say whatever. We at Highsnobiety Music are never ones to be constrained by the normal limits of space and time.

So without further ado, here are 10 artists with albums due out this year that have us shivering with anticipation the most – from the rumored JAY/Bey collab to the long-overdue Charli XCX full-length to whatever the hell Kanye has up his sleeve.

Azealia, Azealia…. My, what a ride it’s been! Your breakthrough single “212” still blows our mind… What. A. Banger. Then you did it again with your recent ’90s ballroom homage “The Big Big Beat.” Yes, you’ve said some nearly-unforgivable things and your interest in witchcraft is borderline terrifying – but truly, all that’s irrelevant. We just need you to do Zeze, get in the studio, and work your magic.

There’s even rumours that “Anna Wintour,” the first single from your upcoming Fantasea 2 album is going to feature none other than Scary Spice Girl Mel B and Nicki Minaj. At least, that’s what Zeze wants. We have a feeling that in 2018, whatever Zeze wants, Zeze gets. We’re extremely here for it and can’t wait to listen.

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