Watch Up-And-Coming R&B Singer Tone Stith Explain His Path to Mainstream Success


When it comes to passion and dedication to one’s craft, New Jersey-based R&B sensation Tone Stith ticks all the right boxes. At the tender age of just 22, the singer has already attracted the attention of Drake while touring alongside fellow R&B artist August Alsina just last year.

After finally getting some time off from his touring schedule, Tone sat down with ASICS in the Big Apple to reflect on his career and how he’s got here. “In the big city life it’s like go time, there’s no time to stop, it’s all movement. It’s a rush and I live for that,” Tone explains. He’s not exaggerating.

The accomplished singer is actually an adept drummer and any time he needs to unleash some rage, he’ll bang out a session almost as a form of therapy. “Drumming is my release, it’s my way to vent. If I’m mad about something I can drum, if I’m happy about something I can drum,” Tone admits.

But there’s another tool in his arsenal that allows the singer to truly hone his mental acuity in order to keep his head clear—meditation. “I love meditation, just having that peace and quiet away from everybody just really brings you into a zone, and it makes you just like, laser-sharp focused.”

Watch the full video above to get a deeper look inside Tone’s daily routine as he gets moving in fresh ASICS gear and find out how else he stays mentally focused.

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