The Best Valentines Gifts for Her Available at Matches Fashion Right Now

Photo of The Best Valentines Gifts for Her Available at Matches Fashion Right Now

Just when you thought the holiday season was over and you could turn over a new, more frugal leaf in the new year, Valentines Day is almost here. That means you’ll either be looking for something you want to be given or something you’ll hope brings some joy to a loved one.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Matches Fashion to come up with a list of items we think would be the perfect gifts for her.

As part of our curated shopping guide, you can see pieces from names such as Vetements, Balenciaga, and Gucci, with a wide selection of products ranging from belts and wallets to footwear and jewelry.

Browse the products below, which we hope will give you some much-needed shopping inspiration ahead of Valentines Day.

If you or your loved one like to cuddle then these geometric socks will add a bit of luxury to your snuggle sessions.

A woman can never have too many wallets so, to keep her rotation on point, this minimal Balenciaga wallet should do the trick this Valentines Day.

This belt may be too understated to get you props while rapping “Gucci Gang” but bae will love you for it anyway.

Prada’s new Cloudbust silhouette is on the come up, so what better way to surprise her than with one of the hottest sneaker silhouettes around right now?

If you weren’t quite swayed by the Prada sneaker or socks above, why not kick it up a notch with the Vetements x Reebok sock sneaker?

Really show her how much you love her while flexing your financial and style muscles by copping this $700 T-shirt.

Quite literally secure the bag (and maybe the relationship) with this leather crossbody bag from French label A.P.C.

Sometimes it’s the little things that count, which is why you can just skip buying a whole new bag and get bae an alternative strap instead.

If you want something a little louder than A.P.C., this Gucci body bag is the perfect statement piece.

If you’re not ready for the ultimate gift yet, this set of silver rings might be the perfect in between, and an affordable one at that, considering you’re getting four rings.

If you didn’t find what you wanted, be sure to check out our dedicated shopping page, where we’ll have other Valentines Day shopping guides posted.

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