Lindsey Graham On Mueller Firing: He 'Should Look At It'


It's hard to know where Lindsey Graham is these days.

There was a hot minute when I thought he might be the voice of sanity and reason in a senate rapidly turning into a fever swamp of conspiracies and Russian apologizing.

But then he started playing golf with Trump and something clicked. Suddenly he was denying he said things he was on tape saying. He spoke about how we needed to give Trump a break.

I think he's still cultivating his branding as the "reasonable" one with the corporate media. But it also makes for strangely scattered interview, where he gives lip service to the abject stupidity of the GOP distraction conspiracies and then gives Mueller some advice on his investigation.

"I don't know if the story is true or not, but I know this Mueller should look at it." Graham started, as if this isn't something Mueller wouldn't investigate, but sure, spell it out for the low info voters.

"I have complete confidence in Mr. Mueller." This is obviously a little smack down to Republicans' main talking point. Somebody is not getting booked on Hannity any time soon.

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