Milton Keynes: UK capital of ‘right-to-buy-to-let’

Photo of Milton Keynes: UK capital of ‘right-to-buy-to-let’

More council houses have been sold to private landlords in the town than anywhere else – then rented at up to triple the price

The floor in Elina Apse’s house on the Netherfield council estate in Milton Keynes is so cold that when one of her four children spills anything it freezes by the morning. She cannot phone the council to complain because she is renting from one of the town’s many private landlords, who have taken advantage of the right-to-buy policy to hoover up social housing and turn them into highly profitable rental investments.

“I would love a place I could call home – this is just a house to me. When we first moved in we put a lot of effort into making it nice but my landlord could give us a section 21 notice and we would be out in a couple of months,” she says, curled up on a small couch in her sitting room to keep warm.

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