AMI Celebrates 7 Years With a Return-to-Roots Menswear Collection

Photo of AMI Celebrates 7 Years With a Return-to-Roots Menswear Collection

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This year Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI label turns seven. It celebrated on the rooftops of France—or at least, a really good facsimile of them. Models walked a stage built to resemble a nighttime Parisian rooftop, the kind of place one might imagine you head to after the club for a few more bottles of wine and a couple of smokes before retiring into the twilight of dawn.

AMI takes after other need-fulfilling French labels that provide the designer’s ideal version of classic garments—a duffel coat, double-breasted topcoat, or shearling jacket. The outerwear is always strong for the brand, appealing to casual fans of fashion who simply wish to “look good in their clothes,” as well as the more learned consumer who knows the devil is in the details.

In this instance, the pieces were part of the mise en scène of the concept as a whole. It’s sort of like how “lifestyle brands” already have an idea of who their customer is and what they do in the clothing. Mattiussi just made that notion a bit more concrete, providing a highly specific setting, but an endlessly versatile arrangement of gear for the occasion.

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