Rich Rodriguez intends to contend allegations after being fired by Arizona

Photo of Rich Rodriguez intends to contend allegations after being fired by Arizona

Rich Rodriguez released a lengthy statement on Twitter after being fired by Arizona on Tuesday. The decision came amid a sexual harassment claim filed against him by a former employee in the athletic department.

Rodriguez was dismissed after six seasons with the university.

"I was deeply disappointed to learn by email this evening that the University of Arizona is buying out my contract. My coaching staff and I were very excited about the trajectory of our young team and looked forward to 2018 and beyond," Rodriguez wrote.

Rodriguez wrote that he committed no wrongdoing, save for an extramarital affair with a woman not associated with the school.

Regrettably, the complaint included a single truth - in the past, I had a consensual extramarital affair with a woman who is not affiliated with the University. It was wrong, and I have apologized to my wife and family. I am still working incredibly hard to repair the bonds I've broken and regain the trust of my wife and children, whom I love dearly.

Arizona president Robert C. Robbins confirmed Rodriguez was dismissed due to allegations of sexual harassment levied against him.

In October 2017, the University's Office of Institutional Equity retained outside counsel to investigate allegations of sexual harassment against Mr. Rodriguez after a former employee in the Department of Athletics alleged that Mr. Rodriguez harassed her on multiple occasions. Like all University employees, Mr. Rodriguez is entitled to a fair investigation and due process and at no time has the University believed that Mr. Rodriguez posed any danger to a member of the

Rodriguez wrote that he intends to contest the allegations.

I am not a perfect man, but the claims by my former assistant are simply not true and her demands for a financial settlement are outrageous. I am saddened that these accusations and investigation have caused my family additional stress.

To my players, staff and supporters, it's been an honor to lead and serve you. As I'm sure that they would expect to me to do, I will vigorously fight these fabricated and groundless claims.

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