Florida Snowstorm 2018: Full Story & Must-See Weather Details

Photo of Florida Snowstorm 2018: Full Story & Must-See Weather Details
 Will It Snow In Florida

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A major snowstorm could possibly reach the United States by the end of the week, bringing up around a foot of snow to regions from Maine to northern Virginia. It has been theorized that such a storm could even affect the weather from Canada to Florida. It’s a little too late to wish for a white Christmas, but is it possible that it could snow in Florida this year?

Anything can happen, but let’s settle at ‘possible’

According toAccuweather, the storm could reach areas traditionally known for their heat:

“Regardless, as the storm strengthens, winds will increase hundreds of miles away from the center of the circulation beginning Wednesday and Wednesday night. Blustery and cold conditions are in store as far south as Florida, the Bahamas, and Cuba.”

The National Weather Service has confirmed that Florida can see freezing bridges and black ice. As for snow, or at least “freezing rain,” it is “possible.” To put this into context, a specific amount of snow cannot be determined at this time, but temperatures in Florida will be around freezing. This means that any precipitation in the area could become snow.

In addition, the weather has been unstable this year, with this being the first time in four years the National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for parts of North Florida, so anything could happen.

It’s happened before, but snow is not exactly confirmed

However, there will only be a slight chance of snow. As Nate McGinnis with National Weather Service explained, according to The Orlando Sentinel, “I’m not going to be the Debby Downer and say there’s going to be no flakes in Florida because there could be. But we’re not anticipating snow.”

Denis Philips, a meteorologist based in Tampa, also explained the situation on :

“For a lot of us, It’s kind of fun to think about the prospects of ‘snow’ in Florida. We had chances about 5 years ago, when the GFS actually showed a bit of it ‘sticking’. It didn’t happen. This time, the Euro shows a slight, repeat, SLIGHT chance for a couple of snowflakes on Wednesday. Doubtful, but not impossible. See the dotted blue line? That’s what we call the 540 line, or the ‘rain/snow’ line. If everything set up, look North of that line. Doubtful? Yes. Still, kind of fun to think about.”

Are you dreaming of a white Florida this year?

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