This Binge-Watch Calculator Will Optimize Your Streaming Marathons

Photo of This Binge-Watch Calculator Will Optimize Your Streaming Marathons

Binge watching has become the preferred option any time a new TV show drops on your favorite streaming platform or you have a few days off and nothing to do.

AT&T knows this and has developed a binge-watch calculator that tells you exactly how many hours and days it will take to watch a show from start to finish.

The calculator comes preloaded with a ton of the most popular TV shows and lets you select which season (or all seasons, if you’ve really got nothing to do) you’re going to watch. Game of Thrones, for example, would take three full days (72 hours) if you were going to watch all seasons. And if you wanted to watch all 615 episodes of The Simpsons, you’d be sitting in front of a screen for 9.5 days straight.

Once a show has been selected and calculated, you’re shown how much data streaming the show would use up in SD, HD, and 4K quality, as well as how long it would take to stream the show at different speeds.

Check out the calculator here and optimize your next marathon.

In other news, Chance the Rapper called out Netflix’s Bright for allegorical racism.

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