Take a Look at the 15 Best Products That Dropped in 2017

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As 2017 nears its end, and we reflect on an impressive haul of solid releases, our latest shopping post is a comprehensive roundup of some of this year’s most defining products, as told by Highsnobiety’s very own Commerce Content Curator, Nigel Minani.

With Nigel having trawled through through countless online stores over the past 365 days to bring you a curated selection of the latest and best in streetwear, sneakers, fashion and lifestyle products, the man behind it all has pulled it out the bag one last time. As we have already rounded up this year’s best sneaker moments and elected Highsnobiety Crowns winners, it was about time that our e-commerce encyclopedia gave us a somewhat more encompassing overview of what has helped define this year’s retail world.

So, without further ado, here are the 15 best products that released in 2017, with each product accompanied by a short excerpt from Nigel himself, explaining why each piece has made this very special roundup.

“Starting off the selection with one of my all-time favorite Nike releases, the NikeLab x Arthur Huang Air Max 1 Royal. Had to get myself two pairs, here’s why.”

“Some might argue that The Hundreds has somehow lost its appeal in recent years, but collaborations like this prove to me that it is still a very important player in the game.”

“Altough I very much liked ‘The Ten’, this little concrete USB stick remains one of my favorite Virgil pieces this year. Personally, I think it not only shows his background in architecture, but also his love for material and fabrics. I also like to imagine that he uses these when DJing around the world.”

“I had never heard of Doublet until I saw their pieces at Dover Street Market, and I still don’t know much about it. The collection did however amaze me… the knitting, the patches, the cuts — everything seems on point. Its collaboration with 424 that released later this year was also totally unexpected and amazed me even more. Excited to see what the brand has planned for the upcoming year!”

“Yes, this is the latest Highsnobiety magazine, and yes it might come off as self-promotion, but the Maisie Williams cover is by far my favorite we have done so far. I don’t think people ever expected her to appear all fancy and fashion in such an environment. I do however think it looks great and it makes the cover even more appealing. Thank you Maisie for taking part in this!”

“Helmut is never really on my radar. Don’t get me wrong, I like his stuff, I just can’t relate to it as much as some people seem to. His Travis Scott collaboration was alright and the Re-Editions collection (that included the famous Astro Jacket) was also pretty cool, but it was this fully reflective trench coat that got me like, ‘Oh wow, this is really dope!’ It’s an instant classic and I don’t know why this coat isn’t already listed as a grailed item — let’s talk about that 10 years from now.”

“A black leather rolling paper case by Saint Laurent for colette? Super luxurious and super Paris if you ask me. Especially as other pieces from the Saint Laurent collection bear the statement ‘Smoking Forever!’”

“My connection to Salomon goes way back. As far back as elementary school actually. That’s why I was so happy to see them gaining more attention in our world over recent months. The first Speedcross 4 silhouettes by Boris Bidjan Saberi were already really good, but the new Darth-Vader-esque silhouette (shout outs to Alec for the comparison) helped set the bar even higher.

“Being German myself, I was very happy to see a new German brand emerge and produce some really cool stuff. Their aesthetics seem to filter into the same vein as A-COLD-WALL* or OFF-WHITE, and I fuck with that heavy! Keep up the good work guys, excited to see what’s next.”

“This jacket for me is a genuine piece of streetwear. From the design through to who’s behind the brand — none other than Playboi Carti’s creative director, Gianni Mora. He’s been around for a minute. I first caught sight of his persona when people like Asspizza, Ian Connor, Luka Sabbat and Mike The Ruler first got their spotlight back in 2014. He is the guy that started the dad hat craze with his ‘I Think About You Sometimes’ cap, and this year he finally started making clothes under the brand name, Helder Vices. The brand is marketed as a reflection of where he is in life; ‘Women, Aging, and Consumerism.’”

Maison Margiela Replica a classic. All black, also classic. Nuff said.”

“Every sunday, my flatmate Tobi and I sit down to watch the latest One Piece episode. Fans of the show know what it is and for how long it has been going on for (and hopefully will continue to go on in the coming years). Anyway, I’m a huge fan and that’s why this collaboration was one of the best BAPE did this year in my opinion.”

“As part of its 20th anniversary collaborations, colette (R.I.P.) and Nike dropped this very clean pair of Air Wovens (shout out Lost in Translation). Unfortunately, they released them without any announcement and they were limited to only 213 pairs. A collector’s wet dream if you ask me, and if anybody out there reading this has a US7 for sale, hit me up!”

“I first came across 1KCORP when browsing all those urban-ninja-type techwear aficionados on Instagram. With the rise of Errolson Hugh’s ACRONYM, many other, slightly smaller techwear brands began appearing during 2016 and 2017. One of these being 1KCORP. And the brand’s Operator Hoodie definitely has the potential to gain grail status amongst the techwear community.”

“Last but not least, the NikeLab x COMMES des GARÇONS Dunk High Retro “Clear” that released in the first quarter of the year. The Dunk was one of the first sneakers I got from my mum when I was younger and CdG is one of my favorite fashion brands, so it was without question that I had to get this pair. Not very wearable to be honest, as they tend to steam up a little and the plastic toebox doesn’t bend as easy as it maybe should in the beginning. Nevertheless, a great shoe and a nice reference to Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

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