KTM’s 2018 X-Bow GT4 Racer Gets Murdered-Out for the Track

Photo of KTM’s 2018 X-Bow GT4 Racer Gets Murdered-Out for the Track

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Austrian motorcycle and sports car manufacturer KTM unveils its 2018 edition of the only car they produce with the X-Bow, pronounced as “cross-bow.”

Constructed in conjunction with German racing team Reiter Engineering, the track car has gained a GT4-specification that helps it perform like a true racer, while also driving down its pricing. Having undergone a significant overhaul, updates include a more powerful Holinger transmission, while the mileage of the chassis components pushes the running costs down to about $5 USD per km.

Draped in stealthy black, the vehicle weighs in at just 2,200 pounds, as an AUDI-sourced 2.0 liter engine has been added and produces 360 horsepower. Other enhancements include a new Motec M142 engine control, user-friendly control panel in the cockpit to further aid the driver, an LMP headrest, inboard suspension and many others.

Already available to order, the 2018 KTM X-Bow GT4 has a starting price of $181,200 USD and a total of 15 vehicles are on the production plan for Spring 2018.

For a further look and additional details on the 2018 KTM X-Bow GT4, be sure to read the full story at Reiter Engineering.

In other car news, ARES’ “Project Panther” is inspired by a Lamborghini Huracan and De Tomaso Pantera.

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