KM20 & Resort Corps Unveil a “Business Card” Sweatshirt

Photo of KM20 & Resort Corps Unveil a “Business Card” Sweatshirt

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Having delivered collaborations with 032c and OFF-WHITE, Moscow retailer KM20 has hooked up with Resort Corps for its final capsule of 2017. The limited edition blue sweatshirt was unveiled as part of the “Collaboration Festival” which celebrated the brand’s new store relocation.

Designed by Luca Modesti, the limited edition piece is centered around the nature of the “business card.” The reverse of the sweatshirt features the store’s new address, phone number, and e-mail above the text “Freedom is Paradise.” On the front, the words “Resort Equipment” are embroidered in a white and red text, with the collaborative KM20 x Resorts Corps logo featured on the sleeve.

If you’re looking to cop, the piece will cost $291 USD and is available to cop at KM20’s online store as well as the store’s new physical location.

2 Pereulok Stoleshnikov
Moskva, Russia,

*KM20 was crowned our best store of 2017. Read more about it here.

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