‘TIME’ Reveals Their Top 10 Photos of 2017

Photo of ‘TIME’ Reveals Their Top 10 Photos of 2017
Marcus Yam Thomas

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With 2017 concluding, end-of-year roundups continue to dominate our timeline as TIME releases its annual “Top 10 Photos.” These ten photos chosen by TIME out of thousands, captured natural disasters, violent tragedies, human condition and other moments for which is indescribable, while also determining its light or composition, beauty or oddity, surprise or suspense.

Andrew Katz, TIME’s Deputy Director of Multimedia also shared, “These pictures were chosen not just for the information they provide and the emotions they evoke, but for their staying power: their ability to not just define the year we leave behind but to inform the one ahead.”

Images encompass the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooting, to a boy in India desperately crying for food, a polar bear starving in the Arctic, to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s beach scandal, as well as wildfires, wars, violent protesting and milestones that could happen in any year.

For a further look and additional details on these polarizing top 10 photos, be sure to read the full story directly at TIME.

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