Looks like the Clean Water Rule has already been repealed inside the EPA


Black, foul-smelling sludge has reportedly been seeping out of the Environmental Protection Agency’s water fountains this week.

Dan Becker of Safe Climate Campaign said EPA staffers told him that poop was exploding out of the water fountains. While he couldn’t personally confirm that the liquid was, in fact, poop “We know what runs through pipes, don’t we!” he told VICE News.

On Wednesday morning, an email was sent to staff at EPA headquarters advising them that there were plumbing issues in the North building and employees said that there was a terrible odor throughout the office, E&E News reported on Thursday. The EPA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A photo leaked of the apparent leak on Friday.

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The water fountain in question is outside of the office of Samantha Dravis, the associate administrator for policy at the EPA, according the EPA staffers who spoke to Becker. She came to the agency after serving top roles in Republican Attorneys General Association and without any prior environmental policy experience.

Since taking office in 2017, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has rolled back over 50 environmental regulations. And he’s been hard at work stumping for the repeal of another: the Obama administration’s Clean Water Rule. The regulation looks to protect two million miles of streams and 20 million miles of wetland that provide clean drinking water to one in three people in the U.S.

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