Here’s Our Favorite 10 Quick Gift Ideas From Caliroots’ Holiday Gift Guide

Photo of Here’s Our Favorite 10 Quick Gift Ideas From Caliroots’ Holiday Gift Guide

Our mates over at Caliroots certainly know what to stock. From a la mode kicks to the widest selection of influential, relevant brands and designers for the street, the Stockholm store is a one-stop-shop for hot drops.

But if you’re not a fan of that sentence (or the wardrobe and sneaker rack is full), there’s a bunch of things on site that are totally pure and perfs for the holiday gifting season. If you’re swamped and/or stuck for what to get—or you just want to treat ‘n’ date yourself cos you deserve it—then look no further than these 10 quick gift ideas we found over on Caliroots‘ bountiful URL.

Emphasis here is on non-wearable essentials you never knew were needed, from homeware and toys that give a subtle flex to the much needed crucials you know don’t get bought day-to-day, here’s our top 10 gifts from Caliroots’ Holiday Gift Guide.

(BTW: Orders before 16:00 CET, December 18, 2017. Scroll to the bottom for all shipping info, including buy now, pay in January 2018!).

Subtle yet strong statement jewelry (and a Caliroots exclusive).

Look, just stop for a second and imagine this on your desk… and there we have it.

Print may be going down the drain (as you read this on your monstrously large cellular device), but, surprisingly, high-quality, luscious, pages-smell-so-good coffee table tomes like this one aren’t. Weird, right?

Sneakers are made to be worn. But for crying out loud look after them.

You’re reading Highsnobiety. The person who you’re buying a gift for most likely reads Highsnobiety, too. This needs to be somebody’s.

Just slam this one down after your dinner party and watch them melt.

Yes 1.

Yes 2.

Before Zombie Simpsons kicked in, there was a time in the mid-’90s when it used to be the most culturally relevant show on the planet. Bartman was part of that time.

Redolence is my favorite word.

100% strongest Christmas sweater option on site and you know it.

  • Orders before 16:00 CET on 18 December. Sweden: 20 December. Norway (zip code 0000-7999): 15 December; 8000-8999: 14 December 14; 9000-9999: December 13.
  • Extended Xmas Returns Policy: Not sure if the sweater will fit? No problem. Orders placed during 1 November-18 December can be exchanged until 12 January, 2018.
  • Buy now, pay in 2018!
  • All Shipping Info here.
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