These Are the Only Tech Gifts You’ll Need This Holiday Season

Photo of These Are the Only Tech Gifts You’ll Need This Holiday Season

The holidays are all about food and quality family time, but the shopping part can often prove to be a nightmare.

There’s no getting around the fact that presents are on the back of everyone’s mind right now, which is why, to save you the hassle and stress, we’ve come up with a series of specially curated guides on what exactly you should be buying. We’ll be rolling out everything from toys to clothes over the coming weeks, allowing you to complete your holiday shopping from the cozy comfort of home.

Today’s guide focuses on tech gifts that range from smartphone accessories to photography and music products. Whether you’re trying to elevate your Instagram game or want to get into making and listening to your own music, you’ll find the ideal present below.

With everything from the pricey iPhone X to a KitchenAid slow cooker, we’ve made sure to include something for every budget.

Peep the list below for a dose of shopping inspiration.

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on either the iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X over the holiday period, you’ll want to take advantage of the handsets’ wireless charging capabilities. Grovemade’s wireless charging pad isn’t just practical: its beautiful design will blend seamlessly into your home.

Every person needs a pair high-quality pair of over-ear headphones, either for long journeys or for when you’re trying to block out distractions at home and at work. These headphone’s, with memory foam lambskin ear pads and a stainless steel construction, are sheer luxury.

Charge or sync on the go with Native Union’s portable charger which looks like a luggage tag. Ultra Stylish thanks to its leather construction, the ‘tag” comes with a USB port and Lightning cable.

This one is for the Apple stans out there. If you’ve got the cash, splash it on a brand new iPhone X for that lucky someone — if not so you can steal it to play around with the Animoji function.

Solar power is the way of the future so get in on saving the planet with this portable charger that is also expandable.

If solar power isn’t really your thing and you’d rather stunt while charging your devices, the Supreme x Mophie powerstation is for you. Pick one up (for resale) at Stadium Goods.

Welcome to the future. This Montblanc writing set automatically digitalizes anything written in the notebook and transfers it to your computer, phone, or tablet via Bluetooth or USB.

A 4K camera that films 360 degrees? With amateur photographers pushing the boundaries of what makes a photographer professional, get ahead of the curve with Samsung’s Gear 360.

Taking a vintage analogue design into the digital age, Polaroid Originals’s first instant camera in over 20 years is the perfect gift for that friend who is dabbling in photography.

B&O’s Play P2 speaker is waterproof, portable and delivers the crispiest of crisp sound. What more do you need?

All those Instagram influencers are using drones to get those picturesque shots of beautiful landscapes, so why shouldn’t you?

If you want a drone but balk at spending upwards of $600 on one, this mini quadcopter might be for you. At just $40, it’s more of a fun toy than a means to take great photos.

Everyone needs an Echo, seriously. It comes with Amazon’s assistant Alexa, who doesn’t just make your life easier but can entertain, too. Pro tip: ask Alexa to tell you a superhero story. You’re welcome.

Slow cookers are life-changing. All you have to do is throw some ingredients into the pot, set the temperature and then allow it to conjure up something delicious. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Basically, this is is a portable home cinema. You can take this mini projector with you camping or just move it from room to room; wherever there’s a surface, you’ll be able to watch movies.

For those more musically inclined, we have picked out the microKorg 37-key analog modeling synthesizer. If you want to get into making music this is one of the most cost-effective ways to get started. You’ll be selling out shows in no time.

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