World Cup 2018 draw – live!

Photo of World Cup 2018 draw – live!

You may have missed the unveiling of the new Man of the Match trophy, which took place at the State Kremlin Palace yesterday. “The trophy is awarded to the best football player of each match, who will be selected by fans around the world,” Fifa declared. “Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are among the high-profile players to have been named Man of the Match in previous Fifa World Cups.” Fifa promised that “a football legend” would be on hand for the unveiling and they were as good as their word, wheeling out none other than David Seaman:

And so the day has dawned, when the World Cup ceases to me a notional event involving unknown fixtures scheduled in the distant future and becomes an actual event involving known fixtures scheduled in the distant future. Exciting times. Here’s a run-through of today’s schedule (all times GMT):

11am: Coaches and official delegations attend team seminar to “learn about the key operational aspects” of the World Cup.
1pm: Red carpet opens outside Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace. Famous people start arriving
3pm: Final Draw Show starts
4pm: Final Draw Show ends. Approximately 50% of the Final Draw Show will be taken up by the actual Final Draw.

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