7 Upcoming Brands To Check Out This Week

Photo of 7 Upcoming Brands To Check Out This Week

The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent.

If your label wants to be considered for future posts then, by all means, get in touch. Meanwhile, for more undiscovered talent, check out the rest of our Under the Radar series.

Check out a few of our favorite brands we found this week below, featuring international (and in some cases, exceedingly young) talent from Japan, Poland, the USA and the UK.

From: Tokyo, Japan.

In a Nutshell: Japanese streetwear label cut to the unique style codes of Tokyo’s music subcultures.

Key Pieces: Well, the light blue hoodie with demonic ‘AVALONE’ logo would be a powerful addition to any ’fit, but it’s the fully opened poppered sleeves that take it to the next level.

From: New Jersey, USA.

In a Nutshell: Classic streetwear pieces from precocious 18-year-old designer Zack Fryer.

Key Pieces: The two-tone flannel shirt is ideal for winter layering, but we also really like it as an outwear piece over the hoodie to show off the stitching.

From: London, UK.

In a Nutshell: Extremely vibrant knitwear with tongue-in-cheek graphics from Italy via London.

Key Pieces: The long-sleeve black sweater has a slouchy, relaxed fit and a popping red neckline to contrast, but we’re really into the super-long sleeves which are rounded off with some white/black grid detailing.

From: Boston, USA.

In a Nutshell: Conceptual basics with a futuristic spacewear vibe.

Key Pieces: The ‘Moon Dust’ slim fit selvedge denim pants with the light paint-splatter (and logo) would be a perfect way to wear (and subvert) the white jeans trend.

From: London, UK.

In a Nutshell: Traditional Italian design meets the style tribes of London youth culture.

Key Pieces: The meticulously designed semi-opaque black hooded jacket hits just the right notes of classic design updated with sporty, contemporary details. Also, shout-out to the reflective LIB/ER/TE long-sleeve tee that’s riffing off an eye examination.

From: London, UK.

In a Nutshell: Playful graphic tees featuring vintage food mascots and throwback sci-fi references.

Key Pieces: The long-sleeve white tee with The Pink Panther (featuring super dilated pupils) graphics going up the sleeves is great execution of a hugely underrated classic cartoon.

From: Poland.

In a Nutshell: Eastern European streetwear in pallet of red, white and black with exaggerated graphics and powerful idioms.

Key Pieces: While “COMPUTER DREAMS” is an excellent text to have on a scarf, what we’re really into here is Neige’s take on the classic puffer jacket featuring super thick insulation and a contrasting graphic arm band on the left sleeve.

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