Eytys Is Launching a 5-Pocket Jean Collection

Photo of Eytys Is Launching a 5-Pocket Jean Collection

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Eytys has released a new five-pocket jean collection, featuring three all-new styles: Benz, Boyle and Cypress. The denim in turn draws inspiration from the past, specifically those years spent watching MTV and gallivanting throughout the mall food court.

Per Eytys, “This isn’t vintage denim. This is the post-internet era, post-style, post-hype; they happily surf through subcultures with the greatest of ease, because counter-culture is what they were raised on.”

The Benz, Boyle and Cypress then boast notably contemporary looks, featuring non-stretch construction.

To showcase the collection, Eytys has in turn joined with Buffalo Zine for coinciding campaign imagery.

You can shop the assortment today.

In other style news, Palace has unveiled its Winter 2017 “Ultimo” lookbook.

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