NFL coaches had good, bad, and missed opportunities on challenges in Week 11


The red flag was a problem on Sunday.

There have been some interesting challenges, and lack thereof this Week 11 Sunday in the NFL. John Harbaugh lost a challenge that he probably should have won, John Fox and John Harbaugh didn’t bother rolling the dice with theirs, while Mike Zimmer had a quick trigger.

Challenges aren’t a given at any time, but there’s been seemingly more oddities this Sunday compared to others. Here they are.

Mike Zimmer should have waited 30 seconds for another view

Mike Zimmer saw a replay angle of a Johnny Hekker punt from the back of the end zone in which he felt he clearly stepped out of bounds.

It inspired Zimmer to toss up a quick challenge flag, assuming he had an easy win.

However, it really wasn’t even close.

After viewing the second replay, everyone in the stadium knew a mistake had been made:

It’s understandable that Zimmer might be quick to draw the flag after thinking he’s seen what’s a definitive angle, but there’s always more than one that needs to be seen.

He didn’t wait for that second one, and it burned him.

John Harbaugh loses this challenge after being ruled a touchback

The Ravens appeared to be set with a great punt by Sam Koch, where Maurice Canady was in good position to keep the ball out of the end zone.

However, he never got hands on the ball, and it died in play before it could touch the goal line.

Harbaugh challenged it, and the play was upheld as a touchback.

John Fox chose not to challenge this “catch”

The 3-6 Chicago Bears could use all the help they can get, but of course, they also have to help themselves.

Matthew Stafford delivered a low ball to wide receiver T.J. Jones, who appeared to trap the football for a 17-yard reception.

John Fox decided not to challenge it, and it ended up really not mattering since the Lions would be forced to punt three plays later. But that one didn’t seem all that close, and the Bears lost field position as a result.

Ben McAdoo didn’t challenge this “incompletion”

In Ben McAdoo’s second most questionable call of the day, he didn’t challenge this Tavarres King catch down the sideline against the Chiefs.

It’s hard to tell whether or not King actually got his left foot in, but that’s one of those where it could be worth another look.

Luckily for the Giants, the Chiefs have been a disaster today in a 6-6 game. But it’s not the only questionable move McAdoo has had this afternoon.

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