How to hack's scoreboards so they don't break

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How to switch ESPN’s college basketball scoreboard back to the old one

ESPN’s scoreboard is an essential tool for following live sports, especially for college basketball and football on nights when there are so many games going on at once. There is only one problem: it often freezes and occasionally gives inaccurate scores.

To be fair, ESPN’s scoreboard does seem better this year, but it has a long history of malfunctioning. Here are a few examples from last year:

Cincinnati won this game 61-54.

Arrow pointing to the loser instead of the winner.


Once again, just .... no.

ESPN’s old scoreboard was beloved and always properly functioning before the site’s redesign. There is a simple trick to start using it again.

How to get the old ESPN scoreboard back

This is what ESPN’s scoreboard looks like now:

To flip it back to the old scoreboard, all you have to do is replace the www with proxy in the URL.

Just refresh the page, and boom, old scoreboard back:

This one never crashes in our experience. It also doesn’t give inaccurate scores and has much quicker load times. You get that nice little “top performers” box on the side, too. This works for all scoreboards on the site, NBA, NFL, ect.

If you want to track a bunch of college basketball or football games at the same time, this one little trick makes it so much easier when using ESPN.

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