Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis is joining Tekken 7

Photo of Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis is joining Tekken 7

Bandai Namco revealed today that Noctis, the star of Final Fantasy XV, is coming to Tekken 7 as a downloadable character. He’ll join the fighter sometime during Spring 2018.

Tekken 7 came out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in June. Adding new characters after launch keeps players engaged and gives Bandai Namco a way to make money off of downloadable content sales.

The latest Tekken has already hosted guest characters from other games and companies, like Akuma from Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise and Geese Howard from SNK’s Final Fight. But Noctis is the first character to come from a Square Enix title. And, unlike with Street Fighter and Final Fight, Noctis isn’t from another fighting game franchise.

But this isn’t the first time Final Fantasy characters have guest-starred in another publisher’s fighting game. Cloud from Final Fantasy VII is a part of the roster for the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. from Nintendo. Square Enix is working on a new installment of its own Final Fantasy fighter series, Dissidia, which is coming out for PlayStation 4 in January.

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