Monocle: you've seen the magazine – now buy the apartment

Photo of Monocle: you've seen the magazine – now buy the apartment

Tyler Brûlé’s luxury lifestyle brand plans to launch properties in 10 to 12 cities across the world

You might have read the magazine, had a nose around the shops and cafes or listened to its 24-hour radio station. Soon – if you’ve got enough money – you’ll be able to buy your own piece of Monocle real estate as the global luxury lifestyle brand prepares to launch up to a dozen apartment buildings across the world.

Tyler Brûlé, Monocle’s founder and chairman, is working on plans to launch a high-end apartment complex in Bangkok in partnership with a luxury Thai property developer. Monocle is the latest upmarket brand to team up with property developers, following ventures launched by Bulgari, Armani and Aston Martin. If the Bangkok project proves successful, Brûlé said the style and travel magazine could launch bespoke residences in a dozen world cities.

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