‘Glitter Cappuccino’ Is the Sparkly New Food Trend Made with Edible Fairy Dust


From all-black goth lattes to psychedelic rainbows brews, we thought we’d seen it all when it came to coffee art. Enter Glitter Cappuccinos—think your regular cappuccino, but with a twinkling twist. Made with edible fairy dust, the “diamond” and “gold” cappuccinos were debuted earlier this year by Coffee by Di Bella—a chain of coffee shops in Mumbai, India.

The edible glitter is first mixed into the espresso, which then rises as the hot milk and foam is added. The photogenic beverage costs 200 Indian Rupees, which converts to a very reasonable $3.

Those who have tried it say it tastes no different from “normal” cappuccinos, with the only difference being that the glitter clings to the drinker’s lips. But hey—maybe some people love a sparkly mustache. If you're one of those people, you can get your daily shot of glitterly goodness on Coffee by Di Bella's Instagram.

Coffee by Di Bella’s glitter cappuccinos come in two colors: “diamond” and “gold.”

Watch how these mesmerizing drinks are made.

Coffee by Di Bella: Website | Instagram | | Twitter
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