Surprise! At global warming confab next week in Bonn, Trump regime will push fossil fuels, nukes


You would think it would be better not to show up at all next week in Europe for the 195-nation climate-change conference rather than to come promoting the burning of fossil fuels. But that’s exactly what the Trump regime plans to do at the latest session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Bonn, Germany:

“It’s embarrassing,” said Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii, a Democrat. “After forfeiting international leadership on climate, the Trump White House is compounding their error with a silly stunt. Fossil fuel companies are not clean energy companies, and no amount of spin will change that.”

The “stunt” is a presentation on Nov. 13 titled “The Role of Cleaner and More Efficient Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power in Climate Mitigation.” Featured will be speakers from Peabody Energy, previously Peabody Coal; NuScale Power, a nuclear engineering firm; and Tellurian, a liquefied natural gas exporter.

Even though the Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt, the Department of Energy Chief Rick Perry, and Trump himself reject the assessment of the vast majority of climate scientists that human activity is warming the planet, the U.S. message in Bonn isn’t likely to to include a flat-out denial of climate change or openly express the we-don’t-care attitude associated with Pr*@%!^#t Trump’s July trip to Europe. Unless Trump decides some Twitter jackassery is necessary.

These White House science deniers and many other paid and amateur “skeptics” of global warming keep altering the approach of their disinformation campaign. The line they appear to be ready to test in Germany is to concede that we must reduce the burning of fossil fuels but argue that we must accept these will still make up at least 40 percent of world energy use by 2050. Therefore, so their argument goes, we should stop treating them negatively and work to burn them efficiently and cleanly.

Never mind that the fossil-fuel industry has for decades fought fang-and-claw against every environmental effort to make energy extraction and use more efficient and cleaner.

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