NFL's Eric Reid Explains To Meghan McCain Why He Blasted Mike Pence


Eric Reid came out and publicly blasted Vice President Pence for using a PR stunt to hurt the NFL players and their cause before explaining to Meghan McCain that their protests have nothing to do with the military, the flag or disrespecting the National Anthem.

Eric Reid joined ABC's The View and very calmly explained his opinions and what the protests are really about.

Co-host Joy Behar asked how it felt to be called S.O.B.'s by Trump.

Reid said, "It's disheartening that the president of a country would call any of his citizens an S.O.B. but then when you compare that -- [ applause ] -- when you compare that to the events that happened in Charlottesville where Neo-Nazis killed a person and nearly beat another person to death, and he calls them very fine people, it's sad."

Reid also said that Trump's action have helped continue the platform they want to address but he has no idea why Trump cursed them out.

Trump did so to change the subject and get his followers to attack someone on his behalf. Since his whole platform was a white nationalistic jingoism, this fell into his wheelhouse, no matter how despicable it is.

The new member of The View, Meghan McCain must have felt an obligation to be a contrarian when she joined in the questioning

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