Mike Ditka Ignorantly Claims 'There Has Been No Oppression In The Last 100 Years'


Responding to Trump's attacks on the NFL players for protesting treatment by law enforcement, former Bears coach and ESPN analyst Mike Ditka claims there has been no oppression of blacks in America for the last 100 years.

This moronic statement was made during a pre-game interview with Westwood One's Jim Grey, when he was asked about the NFL player protests.

Only an old white, rich man could make this comment with a straight face. Has he been sticking his head in the ground since he began playing sports in the late 50's?

Maybe he never interacted with his black teammates and players all these years? Is that possible? Or maybe his support of Trump has made him sick in the head?

This is as ignorant a comment on race that I've heard in a long time. So he's saying that since 1917, there has been no racial oppression in this country.

Maybe the assassination of MLK might have raised his eyebrow? Oh, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I guess Ditka wasn't conscious after the 1954 Supreme Court ruling Brown v. Board of Education declared that racial segregation in educational and other facilities violated the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which granted equal protection of the law to any person within its jurisdiction.

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