Steve Schmidt: Pence 'Should Be Ashamed' Using Flag As PR Stunt


MSNBC Republican strategist Steve Schmidt lit into Mike Pence for his "appalling" and "disgusting" behavior using "the flag and the anthem as a prop" yesterday

On Sunday Trump and Pence concocted a PR stunt to make believe Pence was upset about players kneeling during the National Anthem. Pence flew from Vegas to a Colts game to support Trump's bogus fight with the NFL so he could make a scene and walk out of the game.

This has been confirmed through multiple media fronts as well as their own words and actions.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was not a fan of Pence's actions either: "It's pretty incredible. We're talking about Mike Pence going and really angering the people of Indianapolis and Indiana."

Speaking about how the security setup at the stadium inconvenienced those attending the game, Joe said "This is so much worse than Bridgegate."

The team and fans were celebrating Peyton Manning's excellent career. Pence had been scheduled to attend to honor Peyton Manning.

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