How much will Netflix cost you now that prices are going up?

Photo of How much will Netflix cost you now that prices are going up?
Netflix Price Increase 2017

News made the rounds on Thursday that Netflix is hiking its prices once again. For the second time in as many years, the world's favorite provider of streaming movies and TV shows will make its plans pricier in the United States and abroad. The company has been spending a fortune on original series, movies, documentaries, and comedy special, and that investment has paid off as Netflix's subscriber count continues to increase. Next year alone, Netflix will spend more than $7 billion on original programming.

Subscribers love Netflix's original content, and it has quickly become the main draw of the service. In October alone, Netflix has 29 different original movies, shows, and specials set to premiere, including the hotly anticipated second season of Stranger Things (you can find the full October release schedule of Netflix originals right here). Now, they'll have to pay more to get it — but how much more? And when?

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